Welcome to DOPhoto!

At DOPhoto, we work in two directions: stock and client photography.

Stock photography means that we produce photographs and sell them with the help of stock agencies. In our case, several microstock agencies sell the photographs on their web sites. For stock photography, we are always looking for photo models. For more details, please see stock photography.

With client photography we specialize on portraits and weddings. Portraits can be shot in a studio or on location. For examples of our portrait and wedding work, please see the section "People" in the gallery. More details and prices are available at client photography.


Want to learn the basic photography skills? Check our Photography Guide. We are sharing our personal photography experience with beginning enthusiasts. We are trying to make it as brief as possible while giving enough information to substantially improve your photography. Although there is very much to learn and experience to become a professional photographer, we believe that there are just a few basic things to learn to seriously improve an enthusiasts' photography skills. We are trying to make this quick and easy for you, with this guide and our easy photo enhancement software Photo Sense.